Bump N’ Stop Parking Mats – Protecting Cars & Walls

The idea of Bump N’ Stop came while travelling home on a flight from Guam! (true story)

He thought about how many times he kicked his toe on a brick on the garage floor – just an average, everyday working bloke who appreciates gadgets and things to make life easier.

Designed for convenience, ease of operation, mobility and of course protection for your car and walls. Bump N’ Stop is an inexpensive solution in alleviating bricks on garage floors (and broken toes!), blocks of wood, sticks and tennis balls hanging from the ceiling.

Manufactured and designed in Australia, not only do the bucks stay here, this enabled better quality control providing a superior product.

Bump n Stop Parking Mats Protecting Cars GaragesBump N’ Stop Parking Mats

We also wanted the parking mats to be easy to use and sturdy enough to maintain their position on the garage floor. Environmentally friendly, made from recycled tyres and an inexpensive way to protect the front of your car and the garage walls! Yes, Bump N’ Stop is 100% Australian made and owned.

Ease of use – simply place the mat in the desired spot on the garage floor, drive into the garage and you will feel an initial “small bump” to indicate you are at the front of the parking mat and then ease the car over onto the mat and you will then feel a “bigger bump” at the end to indicate you have reached your position on the mat.


Thank you for saving my garage and front bumper. We phoned several different companies to see if they stocked and such item.
Most didn’t even call us back but of the few who did you were the best and most knowledgable. You will be highly recommended by us.

Elaine and Robert, Ormiston

As well as locating the car in a very small garage,the mat has stopped me from hitting the drivers door on a column in the garage too. It has paid for itself already.

Berry, Retired Locksmith

Small car, Small garage, Small Mat, works every time, Great !!

R.C Margate

What a great product. I have a Mustang that I only drive about once a month.I store it on the flat Mats and they protects my tyres. My wife uses the Bump n Stop mats to stop her car in the garage on the right spot.

Tony, Mechanic

I saw these Mats at a car show.I thought they were pretty good. I ended up ordering a couple online. I am very pleased with them.

Will Yates, Spray Painter

I have an XY Falcon and I use these mats to store my car on. I use two Bump n stop mats for the front wheels and two of the flat mats for the back wheels. This way, all tyres are not sitting on the concrete floor and I don’t get Hard Flat spots on the tyres.

Bob, Mechanic

I use the flat mats to sit my Caravan on. It’s way better for the tyres on the van !

Terry, Panel Beater



Click HERE to read facts on recycled tyres and the reason why Bump N’ Stop is right choice to protect your car, garage walls & garage floors.

Innovation Patent No 2010100074